Custom Glass Art in Fort Myers, FL Is Ideal for All Spaces

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Leaded glass and other forms of custom glass art have a way of lending beauty, elegance and serenity to just about any type of space you can imagine. If you’re looking for a way to bring something special to your space, here’s a quick look at what custom glass art in Fort Myers, FL can offer:

  • Residential properties: In the market for a home improvement project that will bring a whole new sense of style to your home? Why not consider custom glass! Perfect for windows, cabinets, coffee tables and more, stained and leaded glass can instantly impact the look and feel of a room and transform a space.
  • Commercial and public spaces: Many people associate leaded glass in Fort Myers, FL with churches and older buildings, but you’ve almost certainly seen it in restaurants, bars, small shops and elsewhere, too. This type of glass art makes just about any space feel a little more classy, and the design and color possibilities are endless.

Are you interested in introducing some new artistic elements into your surroundings? Reach out to Art & Glass Works Inc. today to schedule a consultation and learn more about the options that might work for your space.

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